Cylinder testing equipment

Reduce cost, cylinder downtime and water consumption

Our Ultrasonic Examination testing equipment makes it easy for operators to detect even the smallest defects in metallic cylinders without removing the valve or gas. This significantly reduces cost, cylinder downtime and water consumption.

Hexagon Digital Wave's cylinder testing equipment ranges from small to large, industrial cylinders and we provide our customers with both installation and training services.




years in the market

Why choose ultrasonic examination?

  1. Easy to operate

  2. Detects the most minute structural flaws

  3. The accuracy, efficiency and versatility outperform other test methods

  4. Can test a broad range of cylinder sizes

What do you get with our Ultrasonic Examination machines

Secure cloud-based network

All testing data is stored on a secure cloud-based network. Facility managers can request and review testing reports at their own leisur.

User-friendly interface

Focus on cylinder testing without being bogged down by overly complicated software

Excellent customer support

Our expert team handles remote troubleshooting, regulatory support, and process training to ensure your machines and staff are ready for cylinder testing