Clean air is a right, not a privilege

Our beliefs

  • We have a strong, values-based culture that drives our business performance. Our core values, integrity and drive, support our behavior and our beliefs
  • Driven by a strong common vision of Clean Air Everywhere, we believe that clean air is a right not a privilege; that technology is no longer the barrier in enabling clean energy for all; and that change is urgent
  • We hold ourselves accountable for all our interactions, with our customers, suppliers and owners, our people and the communities in which we operate


Clean air everywhere


Driving Energy Transformation


Integrity & Drive

"Our vision of "Clean Air Everywhere" is a contract to me.

It is an agreement that we must innovate the solutions which will enable a sustainable future for generations to come. Reducing GHG emissions is at the forefront of the products and inspections that we design. Striving for reductions in GHGs is a motivating factor in pushing projects forward."

Dr. Brian Burks


VP Engineering

Responsible Business

As environmental advocates, we strive to conduct ourselves in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our principles and practices are referred to in the Hexagon Composites Sustainability Report

Anti-Corruption Policy & Guidelines

At Hexagon Digital Wave, we are committed to fostering an organizational culture based on integrity and high ethical standards. The Board and Management committed to carrying out business fairly, honestly and openly with no tolerance for corruption

Diversity & Inclusion

We respect and embrace different cultures, languages, customs, competencies, and ways of experiencing the world. We take pride in the uniqueness of our workforce, employing individuals of more than 30 different nationalities