Life extension of SCBA cylinders

Double the life-time of your cylinders without comprimising on safety

Our testing technology is considered the safest and most cost-efficent technology to test self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs), used by firefighters, miners and others who need safe air supplies.

Hexagon Digital Wave's proprietary MAE technology is the only testing methodology approved in the US and Canada to extend the life of firefighting SCBAs from 15 years to 30 years.

9 million

life-extended cylinders in service


years expected lifetime


in US and Canada

What does a life-extension service provide?

  • Safety - establishes a level of safety equal to that of when the cylinders were first manufactured
  • Reduced costs

How to start the process

What does it cost?

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How long does it take to requalify my cylinders?

From point of shipping, it take approximately x weeks

How do I send my cylinders to Hexagon Digital Wave?

Approved by the US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada

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