Transforming the use of LPG with composite cylinders

Our mission is to transform the use of LPG into an easier and safer experience for everyone. We have an industry-leading safety record, certifications in close to 100 countries and millions of cylinders sold worldwide.


Million cylinders sold

2 000 000

Annual production capacity


First year of production

Our products

Our cylinders have an unrivaled safety record and a unique range of features that bring unique benefits to both LPG marketers and their customers.

Driven by innovation

We are passionate about technology. We have automated our entire manufacturing process and offer the most efficiently-produced composite cylinders in the world.

Automated lines for transportation of parts
Cylinders on the assembly line

We are committed to playing  an important role in the energy transition toward a cleaner and healthier future.

Approvals & certifications

Our products are approved and certified in close to 100 countries. We are dedicated to achieving local and national approvals and providing support to the local competent authorities.