The new standard for safer and user-friendly LPG cylinders

Built to last

Our cylinders are designed as the modern alternative to steel cylinders. Suitable for a variety of applications, both industrial and for home-users or leisure activities, their advanced construction with polymeric and composite materials combines uncompromising safety, quality, design and innovation.

Increase and Protect your market share

Offering a customer-friendly cylinder helps you build customer preference and gives your business the possibility to attract new LPG users.

Improve your pricing power

With our composite LPG cylinders, you can add a Premium product to your portfolio and obtain a premium on refill.

Strenghten your Brand

Our aesthetically pleasing cylinders will help your business stand out. They can be customized with your company color and logo for a visual connection to your brand.

Reduce your Maintenance and Logistics costs.

Our cylinders do not deteriorate nor require refurbishing. Lighter and stackable, they enable better truck utilization. Wear and tear in filling carrousel is minimized.

Unrivaled benefits for home-users or leisure activities

Dedicated to bringing you LPG gas cylinders that redefine convenience and safety for end users. Our innovative cylinders offer a multitude of advantages that enhance your everyday life, making them the ideal choice for your gas needs.

Lighter. Their lighter weight, approximately half of their steel counterparts, is one of their most user-friendly attributes, allowing users easier handling.

Safer. Our unmatched safety record is backed by over 20 million cylinders in use worldwide. BLEVE-free, safer to handle and suitable for weather conditions ranging from –40C to +65C.

Rust-free. Our cylinders do not rust nor stain surfaces. They eliminate the risk of undetected leaks and toxic residues from the energy intensive refurbishment process.

Translucent. Users can easily see the level of gas and know when it is time to refill, which means they will be less likely to run out of gas, eliminating the need for inaccurate gauges.

Design your own cylinder

Design a cylinder with your company's branding to create a distinctive look in your market.