Kosan Gas

The Kosangas Light cylinder was introduced in 2001 under BP ownership, then subsequently baptised BP Gas Light. For the launch, Denmark was chosen as the pilot country within the BP network and as one of the first countries to introduce the cylinders.

A pioneer in the Nordics

“We introduced Kosangas Light into the Danish market in 2001. Since then a great number of customers have experienced the benefits of the composite gas cylinder branded under the tag line: Light, Clear and Safe. Kosangas Light has made life easier for our dealers, commercial and domestic customers – both for outdoors and indoors use. The lightweight cylinder has had an enormous influence on the popularity of cylindered gas for home use and is today the first choice of gas cylinders; a success story”.

Sanne Møller Nielsen, Nordic Marketing Manager, Kosan Gas a/s, Denmark

12,5 and 24,5

Liters capacity


Year of introduction