Navigating the road to reduce climate change

We are enabling the adoption of renewable natural gas (biomethane) for commercial vehicles and gas distribution to cost effectively combat climate change.

With six decades of experience, our market-leading clean and renewable natural gas fuel systems provide extended fuel capacity and range. Our products are proven, reliable and available for immediate deployment.


market share in North America


vehicles on the road

Heavy- and medium-duty truck

Hexagon Agility experts in engineering, service and safety work together to offer the most innovative technology customized for trucks. Reduce NOx emissions and leverage savings to ensure the longevity and performance of fleets through sustainable transportation solutions.


Hexagon Agility's fuel solutions can be found in thousands of Refuse fleets, paving the way to cleaner air and fuel savings with greater operational efficiencies.


Fuel solutions are available for all energy options providing more power, more operational efficiency, no odor, and cleaner air all around.

Gas distribution

Enabling the delivery of clean energy in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and safe manner anytime, anywhere.