Tailgate CNG fuel systems

Hexagon Agility’s lightweight, durable tailgate CNG systems are integrated directly into the tailgate assembly of refuse hauling trucks, offering low overhead clearance and improved weight distribution. The systems have fuel capacity options of 75-106 DGE

Improved weight distribution
Our CNG fuel system is integrated into the tailgate of refuse body, improving weight distribution. The low height above top of body enables driving on height-sensitive routes.

Safe & Durable
The system holds patented Drive-Away-Protection which prevents engine ignition when the fill panel door is not secured, in addition to safe defueling for maintenace. The powdercoated steel and aluminum structure and lightweight composite cylinder enables 20-year service life of the system.

Easy to operate

Drivers find the system easy to operate, with smart gauge displays that includes distance to empty and driver feedback.

20 years

service life time



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Tailgate CNG fuel systems keeps the overall profile low on automated side loaders.
Tailgate CNG fuel system.
Tailgate CNG fuel systems are a great option for front end loaders.