Board of Directors

Knut Flakk

Chairman of the Board

Knut Flakk is the founder of Hexagon Composites and CEO of Flakk Gruppen. He has extensive experience from establishing, developing and operating industrial companies both in Norway and internationally. Flakk has been the CEO of the Flakk Group since 1996.

Education: MSc (BI Norwegian Business School) and MBA (London Business School).

Number of shares: 27,834,969*
*Includes shares owned by related parties

Kristine Landmark

Deputy Chair

Kristine Landmark has extensive experience from various management positions within the banking and furniture industries. She is a professional Board member and holds several board positions within several industries and associations. Independent board member.

Chair of Audit Committee
Education: MSc (NHH, Norwegian School of Economics).

Number of shares: 10,000*
*Includes shares owned by related parties

Katsunori Mori

Board member

Katsunori Mori is currently President & CEO of Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd. Mori has over the last years held various management positions in Mitsui & Co. within the fields of plastics, advanced composite materials and renewable energy related materials. He has previously been a member of the Board of Advanced Composites Products and Sunwize Technologies.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Kyoto University.

Number of shares: 45,833,321*
*Shares owned by Mitsui & Co., represented in the board by Katsunori Mori

Liv Astri Hovem

Board member

Liv Astri Hoem is currently CEO of DNV’s Accelerator, a business area dedicated to building businesses and technologies that shape the future of assurance. Hovem has extensive experience in leading successful international businesses across multiple industries, including in the maritime and energy sectors. She has previously served as board member of several R&D-related institutions. Independent board member.

Member of Audit Committee
Education: MSc in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering, MSc in Civil Engineering.

Number of shares: 0

Sam Gabbita

Board member

Sam Gabbita is the co-founder of Qell, a California based investment platform focused on mobility and transportation. He has held a variety of positions across financial and managerial functions within the financial services industry and has broad experience from managing sustainability focused investments. Independent board member.

Education: Bachelor of Economics from the University of California, MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Number of shares: 0

Liv Dingsør

Board member

Liv Dingsør is the CEO of Digital Norway. She has broad executive experience within business development and development of digitalization strategies across industries. Dingsør has also more than a decade of experience in strategic and operational M&A, finance, sales, organizational development, and value chain optimization, serving as CEO of several companies led through digital transformation journeys. Independent board member.

Education: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Number of shares: 0