Enabling a carbon-negative future

Hexagon Agility is a global provider of (renewable) natural gas solutions for commercial vehicles and gas transportation solutions.

The company is the market leader in north America, where it has spearheaded the use of compressed natural gas in commercial vehicles. Today, Hexagon Agility offers the broadest range of clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and gaseous energy transportation. Its lightweight solutions are engineered for high performance, durability, and uncompromised safety and are available for immediate deployment.


commercial vehicles in operation



Transitioning to net zero with RNG

It is vital that we transition away from petroleum based fuels in transportation. Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) offers the lowest carbon intensity solution of any transportation fuel. RNG, derived from organic waste, has a carbon-negative footprint. The use of RNG helps prevent climate change by capturing methane, reducing CO2 emissions, neutralizing waste, and delivering net zero.

Available for immediate deployment

RNG is ready to use today, highly compatible with electrification and well-suited to hybrid solutions. As a transportation fuel, it offers an economically viable, scalable solution to the environmental damage caused by both CO2 and waste (methane). All of Hexagon Agility's systems and storage solutions are compatible with 100% RNG. RNG is the only existing technology offering 500+ mile range today