Driving the transition to zero emission mobility

Hexagon Purus is a leading global provider of technology needed for zero emission mobility

Hexagon Purus is accelerating the energy transition by providing Type 4 high-pressure composite cylinders and systems for the storage and transportation of compressed hydrogen, as well as complete vehicle systems and battery packs for fuel cell and battery electric vehicles.

In 2021, Hexagon Purus acquired Wystrach, significantly increasing its hydrogen systems design and assembly capacity, expanding its product portfolio and increasing its exposure to hydrogen infrastructure through distribution modules, mobile refueling and stationary storage solutions. ​

Successfully listed on Euronext Growth

In December 2020, Hexagon Purus was spun off from Hexagon Composites and successfully listed on Euronext Growth, to pursue its own strategic agenda. With a 68.4% ownership, the organizational and industrial links to Hexagon Group remain strong.

Hexagon Purus is headquartered in Norway, with more than 500 dedicated employees in the USA, Germany, Canada, China and Norway.

68.4 %

owned by Hexagon

Publicly listed

on Euronext Growth



The future is now

We believe that technology is no longer the barrier for enabling clean transportation for all. We have decades of experience developing solutions that enable and accelerate the use of hydrogen and electricity as transportation energy. Our solutions are already proven worldwide - across a wide range of mobility applications. We are dedicated to unlocking the potential of zero emission mobility solutions today - and believe that progress can't wait!

Passenger vehicles

Our lightweight composite cylinders helps reduce vehicle mass and enhances handling and drivability for hydrogen powered passenger vehicles

Commercial vehicles

Gas distribution

We offer the most efficent gas transportation system available worldwide.


We combine maritime experience with extensive hydrogen storage expertise to provide a holistic approach to zero emission maritime solutions - both onboard the ship and at the port.