Home, leisure & small industrial applications

LPG plays a significant role as a transitional energy source with the potential to improve air quality and health for billions of people.

Our composite cylinders for home, leisure and small industrial applications are manufactured and sold by Hexagon Ragasco to LPG marketers across the world.

Safe and user-friendly
Our composite LPG cylinders are designed as the modern alternative to steel cylinders and have been a game changer in the LPG industry. They can be used for a wide range of applications from cooking, heating to lawn mowing.

The lightweight, safety and durability of our LPG cylinders bring confidence to the use of LPG and enables users to focus on the things that matters most in their daily lives.

Driving the transition to clean cooking
The advantages of our LPG composite cylinders have rapidly transformed the cooking habits of people in several countries across the world, and enabled users to switch to a clean cooking alternatives.

Our LPG cylinders are approved and certified in nearly 100 countries.

Nearly 100



million sold

Pioneering the LPG industry

Hexagon Ragasco introduced composite cylinders in 2000 and have since then produced over 20 million cylinders. All our LPG cylinders are manufactured at Hexagon Ragasco's fully automated plant in Raufoss, Norway.