Cleaner air and safer LPG for everyone, everywhere

Hexagon Ragasco is the world's leading manufacturer of composite LPG cylinders, with more than 20 million units in use worldwide.

Introduced in 2000, Hexagon Ragasco's composite cylinder has been a game changer in the LPG industry. 20 years later, our LPG cylinders are sold to nearly 100 countries worldwide.

Our LPG cylinders offer significant advantages to LPG Marketers and end-users alike.

Our high-volume highly automated production facility is located in Raufoss, Norway and is the most advanced of its kind worldwide.


million cylinders sold

Nearly 100




Cleaner air and safer LPG for everyone, everywhere

3 billion people rely on wood, coal, kerosene or other highly pollutant fuels for cooking and heating. The majority live in countries without access to cleaner sources of energy.

LPG plays a significant role as a transitional energy source with the potential to improve air quality and health for billions of people.

Transitioning towards Bio-LPG

Bio-LPG, produced from renewable sources including biological oil and fats and the fermentation of glucose, is becoming more accessible. With an even lower carbon footprint than conventional LPG, it has the potential to lead the transition of the LPG industry. Our cylinders are fully-compatible for use with Bio-LPG and they are already commercialized in a few markets with this type of gas.

Home, leisure & small industrial applications

Our LPG cylinders are designed as the modern alternative to steel cylinders. Ideal for home & leisure activities.