Glenfiddich spearheads the use of renewable natural gas (RNG) for its whisky delivery

Wed 08, 2021 - Press Release

Hexagon Agility, a world-leading provider of natural gas transportation solutions, applauds Glenfiddich, the most-awarded single malt whisky brand, for its commitment to further greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by producing its own RNG for use in its delivery trucks equipped with Hexagon Agility’s ProRail® compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems with Type 4 composite technology.

Glenfiddich is leading this sustainability initiative to address the Scotch Whisky Association’s (SWA) climate change targets of net zero GHG emissions by 2040. To obtain these reduction levels, Glenfiddich is using RNG derived from its production waste residues to power its fleet of delivery trucks. The unique technology was developed by its parent company William Grant & Sons.

“It has taken more than a decade for Glenfiddich to become the first distillery to process 100% of its waste residues on its own site, then to be the first to process those residues into RNG fuel to power its trucks, and finally to be the first to install an RNG truck fueling station supplied by our on-site renewable energy facility,” said Kirsty Dagnan, William Grant & Sons’ Dufftown Site Leader.

“We are proud to have achieved these renewable energy breakthroughs in our industry, and to be working with a pioneering partner such as Hexagon Agility as we scale up the de-carbonizing benefits of this closed-loop process across our entire transport fleet.”

RNG, made from organic waste, is a pipeline quality gas fully interchangeable with CNG and is the cleanest commercial fuel available. The RNG produced by Grissan will reduce GHG emissions up to 95% when compared to diesel and other fossil fuels.

“We congratulate Glenfiddich in becoming the first whisky distillery to process 100% of its waste residues into RNG to power its trucks,” said Eric Bippus, Hexagon Agility’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “RNG is a game changer not only for whisky distilleries but also for the heavy-duty trucking industry looking for the lowest emission fuel available today.”

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About Glenfeddich

GLENFIDDICH® is the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky. Today, Glenfiddich is run by the fifth generation of the Grant-Gordon family and is one of the few remaining family-owned and operated distilleries in the world. Glenfiddich continues to be a progressive spirit in challenging malt whisky conventions while also staying true to legacy, by keeping the traditional production techniques established by founder William Grant.